Larson Home Furnishings Exterior

Larson's Home Furnishings — 1949

The Kenyon store and mortuary were purchased by Lars' son, Edwin R., in 1939, from the Rueben Hanson family. The funeral parlor was relocated to a large home in 1945. A fire severely damaged it on a winter night in 1948. Edwin R. chose not to rebuild it and sold the funeral business 1949.

Ed and Eddie Larson
Edwin A. and Edwin R. Larson

Edwin's son, Edwin A., served in WWII then graduated from the University of Minnesota with a mortuary science degree. He joined his father briefly in the Kenyon businesses then became a traveling sales representative for Broyhill Industries.  As he traveled he searched for the right community to establish his own furniture store and to raise his family.

Eddie A. Larson
Edwin A. Larson

In 1949 Edwin A. selected Redwood Falls as his first store location. Since Redwood Falls had a fine mortuary, Edwin A. did not pursue adding these services to his business. Instead, he concentrated on making Larson's Home Furnishings one of the finest furniture stores in Southwest Minnesota.

After the Kenyon fire, his father, Edwin R., relocated to Redwood Falls to help grow the business with the grand opening on December, 1949. (Today, the Redwood Falls store continues in the original building on the corner of Mill and Fourth Streets, but has tripled in size.)

Redwood Store Exterior 1949
Building the Redwood Falls store in 1949

People often ask where the tag line: Feather Your Nest With A Little Down originated. In truth, Eddie saw it on a furniture store in South Dakota that was going out of business. He figured that store did not need it anymore, so he adopted the tag line for his business. The phrase and feather have become as well known as the Larson name.

Redwood Store Exterior

In 1955, to support the growing post-war population, Edwin A. added a store in Marshall Minnesota, 36 miles west of Redwood Falls. He purchased an existing furniture business located in a three-story building in the central business district.

The Redwood River overflowed its banks in June, 1957 flooding the entire business district. Edwin built a new building in a cornfield east of Marshall. Having expanded the building many times, it is now in the heart of the action across Highway 19 from Southwest Minnesota State University.

Marshal Store Grand Opening 1955
Marshall Store Grand Opening 1955
RedWood Grand Opening 1949
Redwood Grand Opening 1949
Marshall Store 1955
Marshall Store 1955
Marshall Store 1955
Delivery Truck