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Larson's Home Furnishings — Present

Today, Eddie's son Scott, the fourth generation to be in the furniture business, operates the Redwood Falls and Marshall stores. After working for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, he returned to Redwood Falls to join his father and grandfather in 1974.

Scott considers it a privilege to be the caretaker of a fine business legacy and knows his great grandfather would be pleased that what he started has lasted for over a 100 years.

Scott says, We don't always know where we are going, but we don't ever forget where we came from.

Retailing and business in general certainly has changed in the 40+ years that Scott has lived in Redwood Falls.

We used to unload furniture from boxcars on the railroad siding on Tin Street. My great-grandfather would be amazed to see how on-line catalogs, Websites, toll-free telephone numbers, fax, e-mail, and instant credit have increased the pace of business.

Furniture also has changed. Mattresses are engineered for optimal comfort and support. Action furniture, such as vibrating recliners and lift chairs, entertainment centers to hold our electronic equipment and of course computer desks would all be of interest to him.

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Big & Little Chairs: a perennial parade favorite
Scott Larson
Scott Larson
Eddie Scott and Ed
Eddie & Ed Larson (1982)
Eddie Scott and Ed
Eddie & Scott Larson (1983)
Eddie Scott and Ed
Eddie, Scott, and Ed together (1979)